Founded in 2008, the SOCC is our campus radio station at Colorado College. We have dozens of DJs that have weekly shows, we bring musicians to campus throughout the year, and we have a lively blog where our writers contribute a variety of music criticism. Though we have successfully managed to grow into a thriving, self-perpetuating purveyor of music and talk programming, we recognize that there lies enormous potential in the medium of radio that we are only just beginning to tap. We believe that a student radio station should be a resource for the community that it serves. In our case, this means several things︎︎︎

RADIO PROGRAMMING. Whether experimenting with the atmospheric art of playlist creation, interviewing student bands, telling stories, or producing news shows, DJs at the SOCC are free to question the formal conventions of radio and encouraged to create a show that is entirely their own.

EVENT PROMOTION / ACCESSIBILITY. To facilitate positive music experiences for our students, we seek to expose people to upcoming musical events and speakers in the region. We’ve even gone so far as to maintain an online concert calendar, curated by SOCC DJs, which aggregates all the best shows coming to Colorado Springs, Denver, and Boulder (click the “Concerts” link on the ride side of the page to check it out). In addition, we host a concert rideshare for students looking to carpool to shows (save gas, make friends, help a freshman), which you can join beneath the calendar on the “Concerts” page.

EVENT HOSTING. We organize, promote, and sponsor shows on-campus, in hopes of fostering the growth of a robust and diverse music scene at Colorado College. We have hosted national touring acts at CC, and sponsored several showcases of student bands. We will continue to make this a more central part of our organization. We are always open to suggestions for bands that people would like to see brought to campus, so talk to us, and we can try to make it happen. In addition to bringing live music to campus, we also have dozens of DJs with great musical taste and experience creating interesting playlists, and as such we are a valuable resource for anyone looking to find a DJ for an event that they are planning.

STUDENT OUTREACH. We are you, the students of Colorado College. Do with us what you will. More than anything else, we hope to honestly reflect and satisfy the needs, desires, and tastes of our student body, which means that we need you to show us who you are and what you want. Email us, contribute to our blog, host a radio show, help organize an event. This is your station, take control.

Contact us at @thesocc or via any of the staff members’ emails listed on the Staff page.
Our studio is located in the lobby of Loomis Hall at Colorado College.